Every facility, in order to operate, needs partnerships with both local and international Tour Operators and Travel Agents. TSC Hotels , having a long experience of partnerships with all major Tour Operators as well as with minor Travel Agents, can set you up from scratch or supplement the existing allotment contracts of your facility but also create contracts on a guarantee basis with a view to the business’ profitability. Signing an allotment contract does not necessarily entail a profitable partnership. This is why TSC Hotels proceeds to entering agreements based on surveying both the hotel and the market the hotel operates in, in order to conclude constructive and fruitful agreements for your hotel. These contracts are monitored throughout each season, thus permitting estimates and opportune sales, after checking availability as well as every facility’s short-term needs. Upon entering into contracts and in conjunction with the booking management, we are monitoring the hotel facility’s occupancy rates on a daily basis, always ensuring a high capacity utilization ratio. Moreover, in high or low occupancy periods, the company’s experienced staff is able to provide solutions via successful moves (stop sales, free sales etc.).