Development & Consulting

TSC hotels is capable of also providing consulting services as regards any issue that may arise in the context of a hotel facility’s operation and marketing. The company’s staff, having a working experience in many and various class hotels will be able to provide you with solutions tested and applied in similar or comparable accommodations as well as with customised suggestions on any matter.

  • Survey and configuration of the appropriate concept for the facility’s operation.
  • Drawing up the section’s mode of operation, with detailed operating manual for each section.
  • Defining the appropriate pricing policy for every product or service provided in the hotel.
  • Continuous quality through the establishment of quality standards.
  • Single source procurement of consumables and equipment achieving economies of scale and significantly lower wholesale prices, while preserving homogeneity and cost control.
  • Decoration and renovation where deemed necessary for maximising the attractiveness of the provided product as well as space functionality.
  • Controlling the course of the business, with regular scheduled visits for monitoring operations and consulting with the management, as well as unscheduled visits for inspecting the quality standards set.