Sales & Marketing

The hotel facility’s marketing is carried out via Exhibitions-Roadshows-seminars-Personal sale.

In current times, it is necessary for every tourist facility to have a proper web presence. More and more people are booking their vacations online, to the benefit of the businesses that have a full, thorough and often clear presence in the worldwide web.

TSC’ marketing services include.

The Internet is now one of the major means that businesses have at their disposal for the promotion and marketing of their products. It is a fact however that excessive advertising, inaccuracies and poor website structure, where visitors do not know what and how to look for it, often make a website dysfunctional and actually unattractive to visitors.

The solution is valued added marketing. Simply enough, valued added marketing can be defined as a company’s effort to prove its worth as a product “vendor”. A business can gain the users’ interest, however, what counts in the Internet is gaining their time. And, in order for users to grant their time, they must actually get something from the website. There are two ways in which a site can gain the users’ time: by being pleasant and by being useful.


Make your website pleasant.

The website must be appealing for teenagers, adults and third age users. It must therefore meet the preferences of buyers belonging to different age groups.


What are clients interested in?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of Internet users. When a business is facing this problem, the first criterion for tackling it should be identifiability and then the ability to meet the needs of its clients.


Make your website useful.

If your website contains information that is useful to visitors, they may use the site as a reference point. It is useful for every website to contain a list of useful links.


Your business knows very well its industry, the goods it provides and, of course, whom it is targeting at. Part of this information is corporate secrets, other is lost inside advertising leaflets or brochures and other documents. It is much better for a company and its prospects if all this information is concentrated in its corporate website. And not only that. A company should also consider what other information would be useful for the client.


Provide users with information on your business

The more information visitors can find on your business in your website, the more telephone queries you are spared.


Keep a close watch on the results of your marketing programme. 

Dispose of marketing practices which do not yield profit and focus your efforts to profitable processes. Of course, you must first identify these activities – something you shouldn’t put off.

In the digital market, where everybody and everything is judged on details and the brand name is a critical factor for success, observance of these rules is a recipe for success.